Emergency Services PTSD Guidelines

Emergency service workers are regularly exposed to potentially traumatic experiences as a result of their work. Treatment guidelines now exist which focus on the unique challenges of treating PTSD amongst…

New Treatment Guidelines Will Help The 1.1M People With PTSD

New treatment guidelines will help the 1.1M people with PTSD

New Australian treatment guidelines for ASD, PTSD and Complex PTSD were launched on 16 July by The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Minister for Health. Developed as 'living' Guidelines, they are a vital tool for practitioners who provide care to people affected by trauma.
Creating ‘living’ Guidelines For PTSD

Creating ‘living’ guidelines for PTSD

In 2007, Phoenix Australia developed the first Australian guidelines for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Now they are being developing into ‘living’ guidelines that will be continually updated…

New Hope For Treating PTSD

New hope for treating PTSD

Treatment for PTSD usually involves patients focusing on their traumatic experience, but world-first research may offer another treatment pathway. Read more.


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