Annual Report 2017: Ground-breaking research, expert advice, practical training

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We are pleased to present our 2017 Annual Report. You can read about our work in Research, Policy and Service Development, and Education and Training across a broad range of sectors.


Since the completion of the 2016-17 financial year we are proud to have received a foundation grant of $6 million over three years from the Commonwealth Government to develop the Centenary of Anzac Centre – a Phoenix Australia initiative that will comprise a treatment research collaboration and a practitioner support service, to improve the mental health of Australia’s veterans and military personnel and their families. On 15th September 2017, the Anzac Centre was launched by the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.


We hope you enjoy reading about our work to promote recovery from trauma.


InterPAR – Filling a gap in mental health care following disaster

A pilot trial of this new emotional recovery program for people who experience mild to moderate psychosocial difficulties in the aftermath of disasters has been shown to be effective in reducing psychosocial difficulties and distress, and improving quality of life and wellbeing after disaster.

Read more on page 7 of the Annual Report.


The SPRITE trial – Removing the complexity of treating trauma presentations

The Screening and Promoting Recovery after Injury by Treating Early (SPRITE) trial is at the forefront of a growing body of research into transdiagnostic approaches; the findings will have significant implications for trauma survivors and the health care system.

Read more on page 9 of the Annual Report.


Supporting Ambulance Victoria’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

We used our expertise in reviewing mental health models and services, and identifying workplace factors that can contribute to and protect from mental health problems, and provided Ambulance Victoria with practical and detailed recommendations to assist in making continued improvements to their Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Read more on page 15 of the Annual Report.


A mental health training package for Defence Community Organisation

We developed a new modularised training package in topics and practices related to mental health issues to be delivered nationally to Defence Community Organisation staff, utilising a train-the-trainer model.

Read more on page 19 of the Annual Report.