BlueHub – First of its kind support for Victoria Police

BlueHub is an Australia-first service dedicated to quality mental health care of police members.

BlueHub, a specialised mental health referral, assessment and treatment services, is being developed in a collaboration between The Police Association Victoria (TPAV) and Phoenix Australia, supported by a $2.5 million Department of Health grant.

This is a very important initiative that will ensure Victoria Police members receive leading-edge, best practice mental health treatment.”
– Professor David Forbes, Director of Phoenix Australia

David Forbes says BlueHub will be a gamechanger in enhancing the mental health of police members. “This is the first initiative of its kind to focus on developing high quality treatment systems for trauma-related problems in police members,” he says.


Working closely with TPAV, Phoenix Australia will establish a network of independent, quality-assured service providers. Training will be provided, protocols and procedures for treatments will be set up, and regular evaluations will be conducted to ensure BlueHub supports clients effectively. A central triage service will be set up with a 1800 number that police members can call. They will then be allocated to a mental health practitioner for assessment and treatment.


“BlueHub is unique in terms of its focus on ensuring that services are targeted to the needs of police, easily accessible, of the highest quality evidence-based care, and are supported by quality assurance systems.” says David.


Jane Nursey, Clinical Director of the Blue Hub, says the service is much needed to help police get timely and effective help and treatment.


“For a long time, it’s been recognised that there are barriers for police seeking mental health care. By offering a service dedicated to police, BlueHub is trying to break down those barriers. The earlier someone can access mental health support and get quality treatment, the more likely they are to recover,” says Jane.


In future, the BlueHub referral and treatment model could be used by other police associations and similar organisations across the country.


“We are very pleased to be working with Phoenix Australia on this initiative, given their expertise in the mental health of police and high risk industries. BlueHub will provide Police Force members with easy access to high quality evidence-based treatment,” said Tim Peck, Manager – Wellbeing Services TPAV.


David Forbes agrees that BlueHub will bring a raft of benefits. “We’d eventually like to see this model rolled out across Australia for all policing and emergency services personnel. Phoenix Australia is proud to be the founding partner with TPAV on this important initiative.”