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Change App: Your Spare Change Can Make A Big Difference

Change App: Your spare change can make a big difference

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Phoenix Australia is leading the way with new and exciting ways to engage our supporters and is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Change App – a new way to donate using your spare change.


You know the old saying, “every little bit helps”…


Well, the way the Change app works is simple but unique. Download the Change app, choose from a select range of charities, and link your bank account and card. Then, each time you use your card, Change rounds up your purchase to the nearest dollar and donates the spare change to your chosen cause. For example, buy a $3.50 cup of coffee and 50 cents is donated to charity. By choosing Phoenix Australia, your small change will make a big difference.


The app offers a new and easy way for people to engage with their favourite charities, receive custom news feeds, track their impact and accumulate tax deductions all in one place.


Phoenix Australia’s vision is to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for individuals and communities who experience trauma.


We use donated funds to develop new trauma awareness initiatives, such as our animated video, Understanding trauma, online resources for members of the public, and a specialised website for people recovering from trauma which is currently in development.


Download the app to your smartphone today, choose Phoenix Australia, and start making a big difference with your small change!