Feeling safe and secure is a fundamental human need.

Traumatic experiences can steal this feeling of safety away.

Even after a traumatic experience is over, life can keep reminding us it happened, and in these moments it can feel like it’s happening all over again.

The natural instinct for most of us is to push distressing memories away, and avoid anything that reminds us of the experience.

This tendency can manage fear and anxiety for a while, providing some temporary relief, but in the long term, the emotions we ignore can get stronger and stronger.

Everyday life seems to narrow down, which comes at a cost.

Reminders are hard to face; opportunities are turned down; routines are changed, and things feel less and less safe and predictable.

Eventually we avoid so many parts of our life, it can feel like there’s not much of our previous life left.

Even when we know that those opportunities, those connections, and those people are right outside our door.

Recovery from trauma takes courage, and the first step is recognising where the opportunities are to start living life again.

This will naturally be scary at first, but with understanding, support and a plan, you can start to reclaim your life and start living again.