National resources

The Red Cross have developed Emergency Outreach Guidelines for any outreach worker going into a community hit by any disaster whether it be bushfires or floods. These guidelines provide practical information on how you will deal with community members in a disaster.

Red Cross Emergency Outreach Guidelines

Recovery Capitals (ReCap) provides community capitals in social, human, cultural, natural, financial, built & political) to guide development of recovery strategies adapted to community contexts.

Recovery Capitals (ReCap)

Emerging Minds have created toolkits for many service providers already in or travelling in to provide support for disaster affected communities. The toolkits are designed for: Parents and Caregivers, General practitioners, Educators, Community leaders, First responders, and Health and social service workforces.

Emerging Minds Community Trauma Toolkits

There is a project initiated to address the impact of gender on emergency management and the recognised need for gender to be incorporated into national guidelines.

Gender and Disaster Australia

The Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge hub provides a community recovery handbook.

Australian Disaster Resilience Community Recovery Handbook

State Based Community Resources

Each states’ emergency services organisation has created their own supporting resources to ensure the recovery of communities.


Emergency Management Victoria have created an emergency services framework that ensures that everything those involved in emergency management will help to build safer and more resilient Victorian communities.

Community Resilience Framework for Emergency Management

Disaster Recovery Toolkit for Local Government

Community Recovery Toolkit Bushfire Recovery

New South Wales

Resilience NSW have created a toolkit for outreach workers travelling into disaster zones detailing the processes in place in an emergency and the local recovery centres.

Community Recovery after an emergency


Disaster Management Queensland has provided guidelines on how to implement community led recovery plans in their different regions.

Disaster Management Recovery

South Australia

The South Australian Government has provided a variety of support materials to ensure the recovery of disaster affected communities.

Recovery South Australia

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT has developed a suite of education material for communities to use in the event of a disaster.

Canberra Be Emergency Ready


Tasmania has its own Tasmanian Emergency Management Arrangements (TEMA) which has developed essential information for people having direct involvement in emergency management.

Tasmanian Emergency Management Arrangements

Western Australia

WA has developed a state emergency plan for the strategic management of emergencies in Western Australia.

State Emergency Management Plan

Quick tips

Before providing outreach support services to a disaster affected community:

  • Ensure your own safety and well being
  • Engage with local support networks
  • Consider the privacy of affected community members
  • Consider the mental health of affected community members.


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