If an individual is reporting concerns about:

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Feeling isolated or disconnected from friends or family

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Feeling lonely or lacking people to talk to about their disaster experience and how they are feeling in the aftermath

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Difficulties accessing practical support and necessary information.

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When a child or adolescent has been involved in a disaster

Quick tips

Increase awareness about the importance of social connections following disaster.

Work with the individual to actively plan to increase social connections.

Facilitate or encourage the development of informal social networks.

Facilitate social connections with organisations that can provide practical assistance like banks and insurance companies, and health care professionals including general practitioners, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Do you know how to

Provide psychoeducation about the importance of social connections in the aftermath of disaster?

Assist individuals in social support mapping and increasing social connections?

Assist parents to address social support issues for their children?

Implement CBT-Insomnia?

Implement Imagery Rehearsal Therapy?

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