Emergency Management Conference 2015

Dr Andrea Phelps, Deputy Director, today presented on “Trauma management in emergency service organisations” at the Emergency Management Conference in Melbourne.


In her presentation, Dr Phelps acknowledged that emergency services workers have a “foreseeable and predictable risk of exposure to trauma”, with the greatest impact on mental health coming from the accumulation of exposure to multiple potentially traumatic incidents.


Dr Phelps stressed that the vast majority of people do not develop long-term mental health problems, and that social support and strong morale in the workplace act as buffers, or protective factors, against the effects of traumatic incidents.


Emergency services organisations looking to ensure they have a best practice approach to trauma management should consider the following 4-point framework in establishing policies and procedures: 1) A supportive workplace culture; 2) Pre-incident preparedness; 3) Incident response procedures; and 4) Post-incident response.


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