At Phoenix Australia we draw on our extensive research and clinical expertise to provide training in effective, science-based treatments.



We provide engaging education and training programs to a range of organisations and practitioners. Supported by our research and policy expertise, we are uniquely placed to develop digital, face-to-face or blended training and implementation solutions that are tailored to the needs of your organisation.


We work with your organisation to understand your needs

Because every organisation is different, we are committed to understanding your specific challenges and will work with you to develop an effective solution. We offer tailored training and support options to enable staff to develop best practice skills.


Engaging and evidence-based training programs

Our experienced trainers deliver our education and training programs across Australia. We design online courses and digital and audiovisual products such as apps, web tutorials, and demonstration videos. We have a wealth of experience tailoring education and training products to meet a range of staff and organisational needs.


Striving to improve the practice of those working with trauma victims

With Phoenix Australia you can be confident that Australia’s leading trauma experts will work with you to implement best practice solutions for your organisation or community. Our experience spans high risk industries such as police, fire, ambulance and transport industry organisations, through to schools, hospitals, counselling services and disaster response services.



Recent training projects


Online case formulation training for mental health practitioners working with veterans

Phoenix Australia developed this online training program, funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, to enhance the skills of mental health practitioners to address the often complex needs of veterans and ensure they receive high quality treatment and care. The program introduces a case formulation model to help practitioners systematically map their client’s presenting needs and history. The practitioner and veteran then work together to set treatment goals, and decide on the best approach to achieving those goals. The program is available at:


Online training for GPs in posttraumatic mental health

In collaboration with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and with funding from the Department of Health and Ageing, Phoenix Australia developed the ‘Managing disaster and trauma-related mental health problems’ online training program for GPs. The six-hour program focusses on the knowledge and skills necessary for GPs to provide the best support and care to patients affected by trauma and posttraumatic mental health problems.


Implementing Cognitive Processing Therapy at veteran counselling services around Australia

Phoenix Australia developed a program to implement Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) – an evidence-based treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – within the national service system of Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling (formerly VVCS). The initiative improved practitioners’ competencies, and more importantly, helped Open Arms to deliver CPT to veterans in a sustainable manner within their national service system.


Large-scale disaster mental health training and support program

In the aftermath of the 2010-11 Queensland floods and cyclone, Phoenix Australia worked in collaboration with Queensland Health, Department of Communities, General Practice Queensland, the Australian Psychological Society, and the Mater Hospital to deliver a mental health training and support program for practitioners as part of the Queensland Mental Health Disaster Response. An evaluation of the program showed strong uptake and delivery of the learnings by a range of practitioners to the benefit of community members living in affected areas across the state.


Education and training for staff working with victims of crime

Phoenix Australia provided tailored education and training to staff working in a variety of roles at the Victims of Crime support service funded by the Victorian Department of Justice. Training enabled participants to improve their understanding of posttraumatic mental health problems, and to learn and practise effective support, treatment and referral skills to support clients affected by crime.


Trauma Informed Care training for youth support workers

Phoenix Australia developed a tailored online education and training toolbox in Trauma Informed Care for Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) workers who support disadvantaged young people affected by trauma. The training provided YSAS staff with a foundation in how trauma impacts young people’s mental health, and how best to deliver interventions and support using a Trauma Informed Care approach. The Toolbox is available to all youth workers and supervisors: