Notice Regarding Temporary Changes to Phoenix Australia Traumatic Stress Clinic Operations due to COVID-19:


The clinic is currently offering telehealth appointments and we will update our website when face to face appointments resume.

About the clinic


The Phoenix Australia Traumatic Stress Clinic is an initiative of Phoenix Australia, the National Centre of Excellence in Posttraumatic Mental Health, affiliated with the University of Melbourne. Grounded in the latest science, the clinic tests innovative treatments for posttraumatic mental health problems to improve mental health outcomes for individuals and communities exposed to trauma.


The clinic offers no-cost treatment to eligible individuals who are experiencing posttraumatic mental health problems, including posttraumatic stress disorder.


The clinic is led by Professor Meaghan O’Donnell, an internationally recognised expert in trauma.


Who can attend the clinic?

All potential participants have to self-refer to the Phoenix Australia Traumatic Stress Clinic.


Please see the current trials page for more information on our cutting-edge research and the specific requirements for each study.


How does the clinic work?

The Phoenix Australia Traumatic Stress Clinic conducts high quality clinical treatment trials, which means it tests and evaluates new forms of treatment in the field of posttraumatic mental health. The program of treatment research changes over time in line with best practice and latest innovations. Importantly, for eligible participants, all treatment available is offered as part of one of our clinical trials.


Potential participants undergo an intake process that is tailored to each trial currently being offered in the clinic to determine if the treatment is going to be suitable for them.


Who is the clinic staffed by?

All clinical staff at the clinic are qualified mental health clinicians registered in their area of practice and experienced in treating posttraumatic mental health problems.


The clinic is also staffed by clinical researchers who undertake assessments and research support to ensure trials are highly rigorous.
The clinic at times supports students who are completing their clinical training. All students are trained and regularly supervised by trauma experts.


Where is the clinic located?

The Phoenix Australia Traumatic Stress Clinic is located at the Royal Melbourne Hospital – Royal Park Campus, Parkville, Melbourne. It is accessible by public transport and car, with ample parking around the site.

Contact us


Phone: 1800 514 905
Email: [email protected]