Notice Regarding Temporary Changes to Phoenix Australia Traumatic Stress Clinic Operations due to COVID-19:

Thank you for expressing your interest in the Phoenix Australia Clinic.


In line with government changes to COVID-19 restrictions, the Phoenix Australia Clinic is continuing with telehealth appointments and we will update our website when face to face appointments resume.


In the meantime, we are working in accordance with Department of Health Guidelines to ensure our clinic is implementing strict hygiene and social distancing policies to keep visitors, clients and staff safe when face to face appointments resume. This will include that individuals who have any COVID-19 symptoms, or in close contact with someone with COVID-19, feeling unwell or have recently returned from overseas will not be able to access the clinic. We are keeping abreast on updates from the Australian Government Department of Health and the Victorian DHHS regularly.


Presently, recruitment for the IMPACT trial is open and treatment is delivered via telehealth (video-conferencing) for Victorian residents. Recruitment for the BDNF trial is currently paused and will re-open when face to face appointments resume. In the meantime we welcome expressions of interest for this trial.


For more information about the treatments we are currently offering through our trial work, and any questions related, please free to call the Phoenix Australia Clinic hotline during business hours at 1800 514 905, or to email us at [email protected].


Please note the Phoenix Australia Traumatic Stress Clinic is not a crisis service. If you are in an emergency and require immediate assistance please call 000. If you require crisis support please call lifeline on 11 13 14.

About the clinic


The clinic runs trials of new, innovative treatments that are based on the latest science and evidence, in order to improve mental health treatments for people who experience traumatic stress and trauma related mental health problems. It is staffed by specialist trauma mental health clinicians, led by Professor Meaghan O’Donnell, an internationally recognised expert in trauma.


Treatment is available free of charge to eligible people.


Who can attend the clinic?

The clinic offers free treatment for individuals who have experienced a trauma in their lifetime – this could be an experience of an assault, a motor vehicle or work accident, exposure to critical incidents and occupational risks, a physical injury, traumatic birth or grief experience, natural disaster, war related experience, or trauma experienced as a child.


We treat emotional difficulties that arise from these trauma experiences such as adjustment difficulties, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, grief, panic, or problems with sleep and anger.


How does the clinic work?

We run a number of psychological treatment trials. When you visit the clinic, you will be assessed by one of our qualified trauma mental health clinicians and if suitable, you will attend treatment sessions with a clinician. As we are a treatment research facility, the treatments we offer are at the forefront of knowledge and innovation in trauma treatment. Our treatment is free because we test many of the treatments we offer.


If the treatments we currently offer through our trials are not suitable we will work to explore alternative treatment pathways.


The clinic is currently running two treatment trials for people who believe they may have developed PTSD after experiencing trauma. You can learn more about them through the following links: the IMPACT trial and the BDNF trial.


What are the qualifications of the trauma specialists?

Our traumatic stress clinic is run by qualified mental health practitioners experienced in treating trauma related mental health problems. They are registered psychologists in Victoria with expertise derived over many years treating patients who have experienced trauma. Our clinic staff includes Professor Meaghan O’Donnell, Dr Winnie Lau, Amanda Pearce, Dr Katherine Chisholm, Dr Kim Murray.


Participating or referral to our clinic

Please note that recruitment for the BDNF trial has been temporarily suspended due to risks posed by the COVID-19 outbreak; recruitment for the IMPACT trial is currently still open.


If you or someone you know has been exposed to trauma and is experiencing mental health difficulties, email or call us for a confidential discussion about how the Phoenix Australia Traumatic Stress Clinic can help.


If you are a clinician and would like to refer a client, please contact us to discuss the referral process.


To learn more about trial participation, you can download our clinic flyer or contact us via the interest register forms for each trial: IMPACT and BDNF. You can also read more about what the intake process to determine eligibility for trial participation on the Phoenix Australia Traumatic Stress Clinic Plain Language Statement form.


Clinic location

The clinic is at the Royal Melbourne Hospital – Royal Park Campus, Parkville, Melbourne. It is accessible by public transport and car, with ample parking around the site.





Contact us


Phone: 1800 514 905
Email: [email protected]