Optimising mental health and quality of life for Australia’s military personnel and veterans with PTSD


The RESTORE trial is now recruiting volunteers for tele-health and face-to-face delivery. In addition to locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Townsville, volunteers may now participate in the RESTORE trial online.


Do you believe you may have developed PTSD during or after your military service?

If so, you may be eligible for the RESTORE (Rapid Exposure Supporting Trauma Recovery) trial. If you would like to participate, please contact the Trial Intake Officer on: 1800 856 824

Or register your interest via email.

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What is the RESTORE trial?

The RESTORE trial is investigating one of the most effective treatments for PTSD – prolonged exposure. Prolonged exposure therapy is a gold standard evidence-based treatment for PTSD. In its current form it requires weekly treatment for 10 weeks. However, this period of time can be difficult for current and ex-serving ADF personnel to commit to. We want to see whether a new intensive form (daily sessions for two weeks) is as effective as the standard form (one session a week for 10 weeks).


Am I eligible for the RESTORE trial?

To be eligible for the RESTORE trial, we require you to

  • be aged between 18 and 75 years
  • have served at least one day in the Australian Defence Force
  • have experienced a traumatic incident during your military service
  • currently be experiencing PTSD-like symptoms.


If you are uncertain whether you are eligible for the trial, please register your interest for further information, or call 1800 856 824.


Am I eligible for the RESTORE trial via tele-health?

If you would like to participate in the RESTORE trial online, we also require you to

  • have access to a safe, private space for sessions
  • have access to a reliable internet connection
  • have access to a device (e.g., computer, phone or tablet) that supports videoconferencing, including both audio and video


If you are uncertain whether you are eligible for the trial, please register your interest for further information, or call 1800 856 824.

What will the RESTORE trial involve?

If you are eligible for the trial, you will receive prolonged exposure therapy delivered face-to-face or via telehealth by an experienced psychologist. Before treatment starts, you will first be randomly allocated to receive either weekly or daily treatment sessions, and you will be asked to make a commitment to attend all 10 treatment sessions (either over 10 weeks, or 2 weeks, depending which you are allocated to). Each session will be of 90 minutes’ duration. There will be no cost for the treatment you receive in the trial.


What are the benefits?

We hope you will see an improvement in your PTSD symptoms and your quality of life. In addition, you will be helping the broader military and veteran community both in Australia and overseas by improving our understanding of effective treatments.


Why is the RESTORE trial important?

Over one million Australians a year suffer from PTSD, and current and ex-serving military personnel are affected at higher rates than the general community.


PTSD is a seriously disabling condition which can cause high levels of distress, problems in relationships with family and friends, a reduced ability to work, as well as high long-term healthcare costs.


We know prolonged exposure therapy is an effective treatment, but we also know that current serving ADF and veterans may be unable to allocate the 10 weeks required for treatment. If we can achieve the same benefits in two weeks of intensive treatment, it will make prolonged exposure more accessible for those who need it.


Who is conducting the RESTORE trial?

Phoenix Australia – Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health is conducting this randomised controlled trial of prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD. The trial is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Department of Defence, in partnership with Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling.