Phoenix Australia establishes the standards of best practice for the management of trauma and works with organisations to minimise the impact of trauma in the workplace and promote recovery.



Translating the evidence around trauma

Exposure to trauma at work is common in many industries and services. This includes organisations where exposure to trauma is a predictable risk of employment; those that provide health and welfare services to people affected by trauma; and those that have responsibility for providing or funding trauma treatment.


Phoenix Australia provides policy and service development advice which is informed by our internationally acclaimed research, and our treatment guidelines. We work together with organisations to translate this evidence base into best practice solutions for trauma management in a range of workplaces. We provide advice on trauma management policy and regulations, on implementation and evaluation of policy, on building workforce capacity, and we also work with individuals to improve their trauma management and treatment practices.


Expertise across a range of sectors and industries

Phoenix Australia helps organisations to:

  • Translate research into best practice policy and procedures
  • Understand and manage the impact of trauma in the workplace
  • Be trauma-informed when working with people who have been exposed to traumatic events
  • Provide best practice trauma treatment


Our services include:

  • Setting standards for trauma management and treatment
  • Expert reviews of policy and procedure against best practice
  • Policy development workshops, seminars and leadership think tanks
  • Trauma policy implementation and evaluation
  • Workforce capability assessment and professional development
  • Quality assurance and ongoing service delivery improvement
  • Self-care resources for people affected by trauma, including online tools and mobile applications