Many people who require the support of health and community services have experienced trauma in childhood and/or adulthood.


Childhood trauma in particular can have long-lasting effects on a person’s sense of safety and capacity to trust others. This can impact their relationships with others, including their ability to engage with service providers.


By understanding the impacts of trauma, service providers can respond with sensitivity to people affected by trauma. Phoenix Australia’s Trauma-Informed Care approach provides the knowledge and skills to successfully engage with people affected by trauma, and work towards recovery.


Understanding the impact of trauma

Phoenix Australia can work with your organisation, unit, or government department to increase the understanding of trauma and develop sensitive and sophisticated trauma-informed policies, procedures and staff training.


Developing a trauma-informed service environment

All staff, from reception and administration to direct service delivery, play an important role in creating a trauma-informed service. This can be achieved through:

  • trauma-informed organisational policies and procedures
  • trauma awareness training throughout the organisation
  • specialist training in trauma-informed approaches to working with people affected by trauma for staff and supervisors who have roles in service provision.


Tailored training packages

Phoenix Australia’s training and supervision services can be tailored to suit the needs of particular organisations, services or workforces. To find out more visit our Tailored training programs page.


Service-wide benefits

When you work with Phoenix Australia to develop trauma awareness and trauma-informed policies, procedures and practice, you can expect to see the benefits across your service. These benefits include:

  • improved outcomes for clients
  • improved management of critical incidents and other behaviour that interrupts service
  • improved worker confidence, role satisfaction and morale