Phoenix Australia works with organisations whose staff may be exposed to trauma as part of their work.


We assist organisations to implement best practice approaches to recognising trauma, and minimising its impact.


People from many walks of life can be exposed to potentially traumatic incidents at work. These traumatic experiences often involve confronting threats to life, witnessing or experiencing serious injuries. Phoenix has an established track record working with high risk industries such as Defence, police, and other emergency services. We also have experience with a range of other industries where traumatic events can impact on staff wellbeing and performance, from hospitality, education and health, to justice and the transport sector.


Phoenix Australia can help with your trauma-related OH&S obligations

Organisations have a responsibility to ensure that they employ best practice approaches to:

  • recognising psychological hazards in the workplace
  • minimising the risk of staff exposure
  • managing potential impacts on staff


Trauma related stress claims are the most expensive area of workers’ compensation, so it makes good financial sense to ensure best practice approaches to managing and mitigating the impacts of trauma.


Tailored solutions: From policy advice to implementation

Phoenix Australia is part of an international network of researchers, clinicians, trainers and policy advisors in the field of posttraumatic mental health. We can work with your organisation to develop tailored solutions that draw on our international collaborations across research, translation and training.


Phoenix Australia can work with your organisation in the following areas:

  • benchmarking your organisation’s policies and procedures against international, industry-specific best practices
  • undertaking research to improve the understanding of the issues facing your workplace
  • implementation of policy and practice improvement
  • training of staff to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to implement best practice in trauma management
  • evaluating the effectiveness of policy and training initiatives
  • providing advice on evidence-based interventions
  • assisting with procuring the best employee support and health treatment services


At Phoenix Australia, we believe that the breadth of our experience, and our integrated approach across research, policy and training, means that your organisation will receive the highest quality advice and support.


Case study: TrackSAFE

TrackSAFE and Phoenix Australia have collaborated to ensure the mental health of rail industry workers is supported by best practice trauma management approaches. The resulting national trauma management framework and flexibly delivered training program have received industry-wide endorsement. Read the article A best practice framework for rail trauma.


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