Stress and trauma-related injuries are the most costly types of workers’ compensation claims. Healthcare costs for people with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been found to exceed those of all other mental and physical disorders.


Purchasing cost-effective services for people affected by trauma

The best outcomes for people who are affected by trauma are achieved through early intervention and evidence-based care. Organisations can provide high quality self-care resources for their staff, and ensure access to specialist service providers who use best-practice approaches to treatment. Phoenix Australia works with funders and third party insurers to achieve these outcomes¹.


[1] See Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health (2013). Economic Considerations (Ch 6). Australian Guidelines for the Treatment of Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (pp. 128-131). Melbourne, ACPMH.


Prevent long-term problems through early intervention

A reality of workplace injuries is the serious impact of mental health conditions on staff wellbeing and performance. PTSD and other mental health problems often worsen over time, becoming chronic conditions. Effective early detection and intervention programs are the key to managing and minimising the impact of workplace stress and trauma injuries.


Phoenix Australia works with third party insurers and organisations that fund treatment to develop targeted screening for mental health problems – allowing for early detection. We promote early intervention through staff awareness programs and self-help tools. These resources encourage staff to take an active role in managing their own wellbeing and give them the information they need to seek professional help when it is required.


Promote recovery by purchasing evidence-based treatment

There are effective, evidence-based treatments for PTSD and other mental health disorders. These interventions should be the first treatment option for organisations purchasing mental health services. Determining which providers can deliver effective interventions is often a complex process. Phoenix Australia works with organisations that fund treatment to establish the standards for best practice care, to procure quality treatment providers, and to rigorously monitor outcomes with standardised assessment tools. We have been responsible for the accreditation and ongoing quality improvement of PTSD treatment programs for veterans for the past 20 years.