Treating traumatic stress: Conducting imaginal exposure in PTSD


This easy-to-follow clinician manual with accompanying DVD helps practitioners to use one of the best available treatments for PTSD: imaginal exposure, as recommended in the Australian Guidelines for the Treatment of Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.


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Exposure DVD introduction



Exposure DVD sample clinical



The training package includes:

  • Practitioner manual with key learning activities: each section commences with a clear statement of goals and learning objectives, followed by a number of key learning activities.
  • Accompanying DVD which models therapy in short clips of therapist-client interactions to illustrate the application of imaginal exposure therapy, sometimes in quite complex scenarios.


The content of the package covers:

  • PTSD and exposure-based treatment
  • Basic rules for conducting exposure
  • The process of conducting exposure
  • Managing problematic reactions to exposure



$165 (inc GST)