Tailored training and support programs

Fully customised training and support programs

Phoenix Australia’s training and supervision services can be tailored to suit the needs of particular organisations, services or workforces. We also provide training and support to supervisors and practice leaders to help them lead practice change within their settings.

Training plus implementation support programs

Trauma-Informed Organisation Package

  • We have developed a package to assist organisations in achieving ‘trauma-informed’ status which includes a consultation workshop, development of a tailored implementation guide, training and supervision, and phone consultation. Find out more at the Trauma-Informed Organisation page.

Specific training programs

Wellbeing & Resilience

  • For organisations with staff exposed to critical incidents, trauma and objectional material, this workshop explores the potential impacts on wellbeing and identifies strategies to enhance resilience

Managing Sensitive Disclosure

  • For assessors and other administrative staff to better manage contact with clients reporting sexual abuse or other traumatic experiences

Case Formulation

  • For mental health practitioners to improve their assessment and case formulation skills with more complex clients with a view to undertaking collaborative treatment planning with clients

Skills for Psychological Recovery

  • For workers with basic counselling skills, including primary care and community-based workers
  • Learn skills in delivering simple psychological interventions to help accelerate recovery for children, adolescents, adults and families who continue to experience ongoing distress in the weeks after disaster or trauma

Community Support Training Program

  • For members of communities that have been affected by disaster or mass trauma
  • Learn how to actively listen to and assist others, recognise when others may need extra help, provide simple advice to assist normal recovery and help people access natural supports, provide useful advice to others on seeking professional help, and look after yourself

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