Alison Cheah a beloved daughter, sister, friend and family member sadly passed away on 3rd of April 2022. Aliey suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression post a catastrophic car accident which took the life of her partner in March 2021, 10 days shy of her 30th birthday. Although she attended mental health therapies her thoughts around the treatment of PTSD and mental health in general was that it was lacking.

Aliey was born in Melbourne and had a happy childhood. She attended Jells Park Primary school and then Caulfield Grammar school. She made many lifelong friends here whom she continued friendships with throughout her life.

In 2002 Aliey and her family moved to Hong Kong due to her fathers work in China. She attended Sha Tin College a British International School. At the time the move was a big change in Aliey’s life but one that she would never look back on. During her time in Hong Kong she made many friends from around the world whom she would continue to keep in touch and visit. She also honed her hobbies which included cooking, baking and scuba diving. Aliey completed her International Baccalaurette with high honors which allowed her to study her dream profession dentistry. Aliey had always wanted to be a dentist a passion which was inspired from lifelong mentor and family dentist Dr Koller.

In 2010 Aliey joined her brother in Brisbane, QLD to study dentistry at the University of QLD. She would go on to make even more friends during her studies. She graduated in 2014 and would continue to do research and promotional work for the school of dentistry. Aliey’s favourite job was working for QLD Health where she worked at a high security prison where she enjoyed working with people from all backgrounds learning their stories and always trying to help them. Aliey stopped working after the car accident due to the effects of PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Aliey moved from Brisbane to Melbourne in March 2019. This was a new and exciting adventure for Aliey, and her partner, who rented a beautiful townhouse in Flemington. Aliey was at home in Melbourne, surrounded by a huge circle of friends she had met at every stage of her life. Her home had a constant stream of visitors, from across the road to across the sea. When you were at Aliey’s, you felt like the centre of her world, ate chocolates from a bowl that never emptied, drank giant mugs of tea, were wrapped up in blanket, surrounded by photos and memories of everyone she loved from all over the world, and laughed until your sides hurt. You never wanted to leave (but you had to ‘please leave by 9’). She loved to go on adventures, cycling around Melbourne with friends, even rescuing one when she fell off her bike. Aliey loved food, but even more than that, she loved to feed you. Whether that was cooking for you, taking you out for brunch, wrapping up your Peking duck, convincing you to get Laksa King again, or making a three-tier award-winning cake. Whether you were out or at home, you were having fun with Aliey, from dress ups to fireworks and timer photographs. All we can hope is somewhere out there you still walk alongside us, every day, unseen, unheard – but still near. Still loved, still missed and very dear.

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