Australian Labor Party announces support to continue veterans’ mental health research

Phoenix Australia welcomes the election commitment of the Australian Labor Party to continue valuable research on veterans’ mental health.


Previous studies conducted by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) have improved our understanding of the mental health and wellbeing of Defence personnel and transitioned veterans. This included the nature and breadth of mental health and wellbeing issues, as well as insights into the strengths and gaps in the care service system. Most importantly, the research identified patterns and predictors of mental health and wellbeing over time, opening up opportunities for prevention and early intervention. The research findings have been used to develop and target programs across ADF and DVA.


This next wave of research will examine longer-term patterns of wellbeing following transition, allowing us to answer important questions about those who remain well, those who might struggle during transition but then do well, and those at risk of developing chronic mental health problems. It will help us understand which factors contribute to these different outcomes, and the types of services required to achieve the best outcomes. It will also help identify which transitioning members are at risk of developing problems later on and what their requirements are in terms of health and wellbeing services.


This research on veterans’ mental health will be conducted under the strong governance of Phoenix Australia, through its Centenary of Anzac Centre. The integration of this research with the two other arms of the Anzac Centre, the practitioner support service and the treatment research collaboration, will ensure that the findings will be readily translated into action, through advice to practitioners and the development of innovative treatment interventions.


Contact: Professor David Forbes, Director Phoenix Australia
Email: [email protected]