Introducing Transforming Trauma Victoria

31 May 2024

Trauma impacts 90% of individuals in the public mental health system, yet it often remains unrecognised and unaddressed. Transforming Trauma Victoria (TTV) aims to change this. 

Addressing trauma-related ill health presents two significant challenges. Firstly, many Victorians do not receive the evidence-based responses and services they require. Secondly, due to the long-standing oversight of trauma impacts, there is limited knowledge about the best care practices for specific groups. 

Acknowledging these challenges, the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System recommended the creation of a Statewide Trauma Service. Since November 2023, this service has been known as Transforming Trauma Victoria, dedicated to supporting those affected by trauma through mental health care, education, and research. 

TTV is pioneering as the world’s first jurisdiction-wide trauma service. By collaborating with hundreds of Victorians living with trauma, partnering with over one hundred organizations, and testing ideas through regional and metro pilots, TTV is poised to develop, deliver, and disseminate best practices in trauma care. 


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