Can you see PTSD?

PTSD Awareness Day
June 27 2023

We’re raising awareness of posttraumattic stress disorder (PTSD).
Because the more we know about PTSD and how to treat it, the more those affected, and their loved ones will know they aren’t alone, and help is available.

Help fund the development of new treatments for PTSD.

PTSD is the most common mental health disorder after depression

Trauma can have a devastating effect on people’s lives. Any one of us can be affected and the psychological impacts can be deep and complex.

They can affect any of us physically and emotionally, and the way we see ourselves, others, and the world around us. The problems that arise after trauma can be complex and impair our wellbeing.

Not everyone who experiences trauma will develop PTSD, but about 5.5% of Australians will suffer from PTSD at some point in their lives. That means that at any one time over 1.5 million Australians have PTSD.

Any one of us can be affected by trauma.

Australian lives have and will be devastated by traumatic events. Three in four Australians will experience an event that can cause psychological trauma in their lifetime, that’s nearly 19 million people living in Australia today. Psychological trauma comes in many forms and impacts people from all walks of life.

The impact is deep and complex.

The problems that arise can be complex and impair our physical and emotional wellbeing. The way we see ourselves, our relationships and activities, and our ability to feel safe in the world can be turned upside down.

Recovery and Renewal is possible

People need help moving beyond harrowing events. Help and support takes many forms, but recovery and renewal is always possible.

Understanding trauma, renewing lives.

The more we know about how to treat psychological trauma, the more those affected, and their loved ones will know they aren’t alone, and that help is available.

Your donation will support life-changing research, and help us to continue to understand trauma and renew lives.

Getting Help

If you have experienced something traumatic and are still having problems two weeks or more later, talk to your GP or a mental health professional.

For urgent support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 for confidential 24/7 counselling and referrals.

Call Lifeline

What is trauma?

Traumatic events are common, and most people will experience at least one during their lives. Trauma comes in many forms and affects thousands of Australians every day. Most people recover with the help of family and friends, but there are effective treatments for those needing extra support.

Watch this brief video to understand more about trauma and how it affects people.

“PTSD Awareness Day is about creating awareness of the disorder, looking at ways we can support those who are affected and to learn more about the signs. We know that when people recognise the signs of PTSD, they are better equipped to take that first step towards better mental health. That’s why this year, on PTSD Awareness Day, we’re helping people to see PTSD.”

Professor David Forbes
Director, Phoenix Australia Centre for Posttraumatic Health

Phoenix Australia is Australia’s National Centre of Excellence in Posttraumatic Mental Health.

Our staff are international experts in posttraumatic mental health and advocates for the use of evidence-based responses following trauma to reduce the mental health effects on survivors, their families and the community.