The information in this section is for people affected by trauma, their families and friends.

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Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets are downloadable PDFs. You can also purchase bulk hard copies from the Bookshop.




The following booklets have been designed for people who have gone through a traumatic event, or are close to someone who has, and are looking for help to cope with the experience. They include information such as accessing resources and quality care, as well as how to actively participate in treatment. You can download free copies from the PDFs on this page.

Recovery after Trauma – A Guide for People with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Includes: Do I have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? / Getting help / What can I ask my counsellor? / What can I do as a family member? / FAQs / Finding more information.

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Harry and the Storm – A story for children who have experienced trauma
This colourful storybook describes the types of feelings and difficulties that a child may experience after a traumatic event. The story tells of Harry, a nine year old boy who experienced a terrifying storm, and how he is later helped by seeing a counsellor.  The booklet includes some strategies for kids to use to help them feel better and more in control when they get upset.

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Dealing with Trauma – A Guide for Young People who have Experienced Trauma
This informative booklet is designed specifically to help young people understand PTSD. It includes: What is a traumatic event? / Normal reactions following trauma / What is PTSD? / Getting help / Strategies to help relax and feel more in control.

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Helping my Children after Trauma – A Guide for Parents
This booklet is designed for parents, carers and others who help children and young people who have experienced trauma. It includes: What is a traumatic event? / Common problems / What is PTSD? / Treatment for PTSD / How do I get help for my child? /Strategies to help my child relax and feel more in control.

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Please do not modify or extract information from any of these resources without acquiring permission from Phoenix Australia to do so. You can order copies of the Booklets and Fact Sheets from the Bookshop.



Mobile phone applications

Phoenix Australia has developed a smartphone app for sufferers of PTSD, on behalf of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF). PTSD Coach Australia is an adaptation of the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ PTSD Coach app, and has been designed specifically for the Australian setting. While the app was developed to help current and former serving members of the Australian Defence Force, it will also be beneficial to other people suffering from PTSD.


For more information, including a Clinician Guide, visit the Open Arms website.


The app is free on iTunes and Google Play.