Occupational Trauma and Stress

Occupational trauma and stress can affect people in many different occupations. It is common to associate occupations, such as being in the military or being an emergency services worker, with exposure to occupational trauma and stress. However other occupations can be affected such as healthcare workers, train or truck drivers, those in mining or construction, people working in the justice system and many more. Depending on their role, workers can be directly exposed to trauma, experience stress, burnout or adversity, or hear about the suffering of others (which may result in Vicarious Trauma). These can all have devastating consequences to mental health, and can lead to impairment in social and occupational functioning. 

The focus of this stream is to better understand the impacts of trauma and stress in a range of occupations, work on finding ways to prevent workplace psychological injuries and to tailor interventions to best suit the needs of people from different occupations.

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