These BlueHub services are still under development.

Welcome to the BlueHub specialised mental health service

Developed in partnership with The Police Association Victoria (TPAV) and funded by the Department of Health.


About the service

The BlueHub is a pilot project initiated by TPAV to provide specialised mental health assessment, treatment and streamlined support services for Victoria Police and Victorian-based Australian Federal Police members, who are members of TPAV or the Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA).


The objectives of BlueHub are to:

  • address the service delivery gap Victorian based police members currently experience between requesting assistance, obtaining a referral, and commencing treatment for mental health related illness and issues
  • establish a specialised mental health referral and treatment program administering evidence-based treatments for members
  • establish a quality-assured service provider network incorporating training and research functions
  • develop a mental health referral and treatment program model that can be used by other police associations and organisations
  • develop a data collection and research framework that will support continued improvements and innovations in the evidence-based mental health care of police members.

How the service works

View the steps involved in seeking mental health support through BlueHub in this downloable PDF.


The following outlines the initial steps in how to access BlueHub.

Victoria Police and Victorian-based Australian Federal Police members or their referrers can access BlueHub by:


A BlueHub intake psychologist will conduct a phone interview to:

  • determine eligibility
  • record symptoms, concerns, and their severity
  • determine the appropriate mental health treatment


Eligible police members will be referred for a thorough psychological assessment and treatment, in one of our BlueHub clinics.

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