In response to the incident in Melbourne’s CBD

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A terrible incident today in Melbourne’s CBD will be shocking and deeply upsetting for those involved, as well as for witnesses and others for whom it may raise memories of other events.


It is to be expected following an incident like this to feel frightened and unsettled for a day or two. Look after yourself and seek the support of friends and family at this time. If you find that you are still upset a few days later, then it is important to get some further support. See your GP in the first instance.


While it’s important to be informed of the facts, constant viewing of images or repeated checking of news and social media sites can add to distress for some people, especially children.


For children, it is important to be open with them, in a way that they can understand:
• provide reassurance
• let them know that they are safe
• acknowledge their feelings if they are scared or upset
• respond to their questions, but limit excessive viewing of TV and social media coverage


For most people these reactions will settle down within 2-3 days. If you continue to feel distressed, see your GP.


See our Find Help and Recovery pages for further resources.