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Satellite offices open around the country

Phoenix Australia is a national centre of excellence in posttraumatic mental health, and even since our earliest days, the scope of work has always been nation-wide. Now, we can confidently say that we have a national footprint to match that mandate, with offices recently opened in Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.


During the past 24 years we have worked with many federal government departments as well as national bodies such as TrackSAFE and the ABC, and have had close collaborative relationships with diverse national organisations such as the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Red Cross, yet our physical base has been in Melbourne. So it is a significant development that we now have staff based in many of the major centres in the country. This will bring benefits to local communities – increasing our understanding of local needs, improving relationships with local services and stakeholders, as well as facilitating input from those communities into our national agenda of work to improve outcomes for people affected by trauma.


The staff heading each of our satellite offices are accomplished experts in posttraumatic mental health.


In Canberra, Nicole Sadler’s 23-year career as a full-time Army psychology officer means that she has considerable expertise in military mental health, including in the issues and challenges for serving and ex-serving military personnel and their families, and the systems and services to improve and maintain mental health and wellbeing not only in the military, but within all high risk populations. Nicole is a clinical psychologist and has worked in service provision, training, research, policy development and strategic planning, and held the senior psychology position within the Australian Army for four years.


In Adelaide, Dr Mark Hinton brings a wealth of experience to his work in the local community and beyond. A clinical psychologist by training, Mark has worked in a variety of mental health settings in clinical, management and academic roles over the past three decades. He worked in veterans’ mental health services in South Australia, Victoria and the United Kingdom and in ex-service organisations. Mark is committed to engaging services in relevant, high quality research designed to produce outcomes that will make a real difference to the mental health and wellbeing of veterans and their families.


In Sydney, Kristi Heffernan brings her 15 year career as a clinical psychologist working with the Australian Defence Force in both a uniform and civilian capacity. She continues to serve as a LTCOL in the Army reserve and is a veteran of operations in the Middle East and East Timor. Kristi has provided prevention and early intervention strategies for traumatic stress and is also experienced in providing trauma-focussed interventions. She recently completed research investigating the cognitive mechanisms associated with adjustment from military deployments and she is committed to supporting organisations, individuals and their families to manage workplace stress and reduce the mental health impacts of trauma.


And in Brisbane, Julie Mastrodomenico also brings 15 years’ clinical psychology experience to bear. She is experienced in treating posttraumatic stress disorder and workplace stress, as well as having a thorough understanding of the unique issues surrounding mental health in military and police populations. She has trained Masters Psychology students in the assessment and treatment of post traumatic mental health. Julie also has an interest in research, and has been involved in many clinical research trials in the field of posttraumatic mental health in civilian, police and military populations.


These new satellite offices add to our offices at the University of Melbourne campus and our new Traumatic Stress Research Clinic at Royal Park (Melbourne). We believe they will enhance our ability to serve communities right around the country.


If you would like to contact one of them please email us at [email protected].