Supporting the mental health of communities impacted by crises


EML manages workers insurance and injured workers compensation claims. They chose to partner with Phoenix Australia on bushfire support because of a long history of collaboration across several projects.


As a direct result of this partnership, Phoenix Australia fast tracked a five-year plan to convert face-to-face training to online, which was so important given the effects of COVID-19 restrictions.


“The combination of COVID-19 restrictions and the scale of the bushfire impact saw a great need for easily accessible, online services,” said Alexandra Howard, Director, Disaster and Public Health Emergencies.


“We were able to rapidly develop this program and share the resources quickly and widely to people in great need of support, particularly in rural and remote areas. EML’s generous support was crucial in enabling us to do this.”


In recognition of the donation, this week EML CEO Mark Coyne shared with his teams the great work being done by Phoenix Australia in supporting mental health in communities impacted by crises.


“We are incredibly proud of the work that we do in supporting Australian communities,” Mark said.


I’m delighted with the results of our partnership with Phoenix Australia and look forward to us continuing to work together on important and innovative mental health and wellbeing initiatives in the future.”


Since the online programs were released last year, more than 500 participants have benefited from Psychological First Aid and Trauma-informed Care training.


What some of the participants had to say
“This course was excellent. I think it should be a mandatory part of nurses’ CPD once they are out of uni, etc., and have some experience nursing. I feel this course can be applied to so many situations we face as nurses, not just as first responders but also for our patients and colleagues.” Psychological First Aid course participant 2020.


“Really helpful to have this online rather than have to wait for an in-person course. It also gives more flexibility to break the course up/take breaks on my terms…Liked the mix of video, audio, reading AND the way that you’ve incorporated reflection and doing practical exercises. I was waiting for ages for this to come into being so a massive thank you. I imagine getting this set up was no easy task.” Trauma-informed Care course participant 2020.


Hear more from Alexandra Howard, Director, Disaster and Public Health Emergencies at Phoenix Australia.