What is Psychological First Aid (PFA)?

Supporting people impacted by trauma with Psychological First Aid.


Most people will experience at least one potentially traumatic event in their lifetime.


While the types and impacts of trauma vary widely, we know that most people recover by drawing on their existing supports, resources and skills.


For those working with people impacted by trauma, Psychological First Aid training can help develop skills to provide emotional comfort and support and offer practical advice and assistance to address people’s immediate needs.


What is Psychological First Aid?


Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a simple and practical approach that anyone with the appropriate training can use to help calm a person in distress and support their recovery.


Using PFA can help you to reduce initial distress in others, and to help them cope better in the days and weeks following a traumatic event, such as a disaster, workplace accident, or assault.  PFA training provides you with the skills and confidence to engage safely and effectively with trauma impacted people that you might already be interacting with in the workplace.


Phoenix Australia’s evidence-informed approach to PFA can be used across a range of situations to help individuals, families, teams and communities who have experienced a potentially traumatic event.

“We know that most people will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime. We also know that most people will recover drawing on their existing supports, resources and skills. Having the skills to provide psychological first aid can be a valuable tool for frontline professionals and community volunteers to support people after a traumatic experience”, says Alex Howard, Director, Disaster and Public Health Emergencies, Phoenix Australia.

How does it work?


Using the principles of PFA helps you to support individuals, workgroups and communities to establish a sense of safety and security after a trauma.


It helps to calm stress related reactions and connect people with necessary supports and resources.


It can also help you to support individuals and communities to feel better able to cope and provide hope that things will get better in time.


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Join more than 5000 frontline professionals and community volunteers who have completed Phoenix Australia training.


Offered as online or blended training, this foundational-level course teaches the core skills of PFA and helps participants to gain the confidence to provide assistance and support to individuals affected by trauma.


If you are community worker in a bushfire affected community, you may be eligible for government subsidised training.


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